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Instructions for downloading Realworks Live.

Realworks Live is NOT compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 platforms. If you wish to install on one of these platforms, please call Realworks support on (07) 3249 7350 before proceeding any further.

Right+Click on the appropriate link below and choose "Save Target As" and save the file on your hard drive, if you are unsure where to save it, we suggest using "Desktop".

Important: Do not run the file

directly from this website, it may

cause your installation to fail, use

the save option instead.


After you have successfully downloaded this file, browse to the location you saved the file, if you choose "Desktop" it will already be on the main screen of your computer.

You can then Double Click on the file to install Realworks Live.

Right Click on this link to save the full Realworks installer 131Mb - This installer is usable for any kind of installation. If you unsure which installer to choose, use this one.

Right Click on this link to save the client only Realworks installer 10Mb - This installer is only usable for upgrades and network clients, it will NOT install a database. Follow instructions for a Network Client in the instructions below.

View Installation Instructions

Important Note: You should keep this installation file in an easily accessable location for future installations.